Sign Language Interpreters transfer meaning from one spoken or signed language into another signed or spoken language. Our experienced interpreters use their skill and knowledge of the two languages, combined with their understanding cultural differences between those for whom they are interpreting, to enable effective communication between all parties involved.
Lipspeakers repeat spoken messages for people who can lipread. They can be used to ensure clear communication in critical situations, or in situations where there is more than one voice to follow. Lipspeakers use facial expression, natural gesture and fingerspelling to support communication.
Sign Language Translators translate written text from one language into another. Most often this will be written English into a signed language for the purposes of broadcasting or web access.
Notetakers produce an accurate summary record of speech, which a deaf person may use for reference.
Speech to Text Reporters take words that are said and use a phonetic keyboard to show them instantly on a monitor or screen. They provide a complete transcription of spoken words and include notes of environmental sounds, like laughter and applause.
Interpreters for Deafblind people use manual communication to enable Deafblind people to understand, participate and interact. The interpreter will also relay visual and other non-verbal information, for example reactions to what has been said, movement of other people and what they are doing.

Specialist communication services tailor made for you

Welcome to Action Deafness’ specialist communications service. We can help you to achieve your goals by providing high-quality, professional services for D/deaf and deafblind people, enabling effective communication in all areas of your life.

 Our specialist services include:

  • Sign language interpreters
  • Lipspeakers
  • Speech to text reporters
  • Notetakers
  • Interpreters for deafblind people – offering visual frame, hands-on or deafblind manual services.
  • Sign language translators

Our services are competitively priced and user-friendly. We can accommodate your needs in a diverse range of situations, helping you to live your life without limits.

Our support services can assist with:

  • Workplace interviews and ongoing communication in the workplace including Access to Work (ATW) bookings
  • Social occasions
  • Health (including mental health) and social care appointments
  • Meetings and training sessions
  • Events and conferences
  • School, college and university settings
  • Legal appointments
  • Police interviews, court settings and tribunals

State-of-the-art communication at your fingertips

Red Dot Connect is our exciting, state-of-the-art, video online interpreting service that brings you registered sign language interpreters at the touch of a button. This remote service can offer a cost-effective, efficient service in a wide range of social and professional situations.

Red Dot Connect is partnered with SignLive ( to offer video relay service (VRS) and video remote interpreting (VRI).

Find out more about how our Red Dot Connect service can assist you, please contact us for further information

Our people

Our experienced, friendly in-house team can work with you to create a bespoke communications package.   Action Deafness can connect you with qualified and experienced locally based and national communications professionals and ensure they are fully briefed to meet your needs.

Our trusted team of communication professionals are DBS checked at enhanced level and are registered with the National Registers of Communication Professionals working with Deaf and Deafblind People (NRCPD).

Our service

Action Deafness puts you in control with all our communication services available to you on an ad-hoc basis.  For ongoing service provision, we can discuss your requirements to find the best contract and service level agreements specifically tailored to your individual needs.

To book a BSL interpreter or find out more about any of our specialist communication services, contact our team at:

  • Email:
  • Tel: (+44) 0844 593 8443
  • Fax: (+44) 0844 593 8444
  • Textphone: (+44) 0844 593 8444
  • Emergency out of hours: (+44) 07947 714 040 (voice/SMS – 24 hours service)

Well create the right communications package for you

Booking a service for someone else? Here’s our easy guide to get you started.  We’ll help you to understand the varying needs of the individual you are booking the service for and how we can help get it right first time and every time.

We make sourcing the right communications professional for each situation and individual simple.  However, in order to do this, we need to first understand the specific needs of the individual involved. Many D/deaf people use British Sign Language (BSL) as their preferred language, and in some cases their only language. They will usually need a sign language interpreter.

Those who become deaf after they have acquired a spoken language (deafened or hard of hearing) usually communicate using speech and rely on lipreading and reading from notes. They are likely to require lipspeakers, speech to text reporters or notetakers, however some may choose to use sign language interpreters.

A Deafblind person may use speech, lipreading, writing, fingerspelling, sign language or a combination of these – depending on their degree of sight and hearing loss.

Nigel Cleaver
Nigel Cleaver


AD Communications provided the interpreters of my choice for my ATW provision. They deal with me in a respectful and professional manner, always checking with me as to my requirements.
Dara Trainor - Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust, Company Name
Action Deafness Communications provide me with qualified BSL interpreters on a regular basis to meet all of my support needs. ADC booking coordinators are approachable and professional. In addition to this ADC have a fantastic ATW programme which means they complete all necessary claim forms and paperwork required by Access to Work; this allows me to carry out my role more effectively.
Brian Lawrance - ATW Client
Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is a provider of specialist mental health, substance misuse and learning disability services across Sussex, Kent and Hampshire. The Trust has been working in partnership with Action Deafness since December 2012 to support the delivery of high-quality and accessible services to the deaf community. Action Deafness provides well-qualified and professional interpreters who are able to work across the varied patient groups that use our services, demonstrating flexibility and continuity of service where this has been paramount. This is echoed in the experience of our staff, patients and their carers and we look forward to a continued partnership in meeting the needs of this highly marginalised community.
Adam Churcher - Equality and Diversity Manager
All the interpreters have been professional and reliable … impartial in appointments, they are also friendly and helpful. I have great confidence in their service.
Audiologist - Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals
I am very happy with the service, the best feature is the consistency and quality it brings to the clinical appointment.
Orthodontic Consultant - Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals
An excellent, essential service is provided.
GP Practice Manager - Brighton
I thought that the ADC staff interpreter was wonderful and very helpful to me as it was my first time counselling a patient who is Deaf. I would like to have her as interpreter should my patient return.
East Access Team Counsellor - Brighton
The ADC staff interpreter was absolutely superb. Thank you!
Mental Health Practitioner - Brighton
Making an interpreter booking was so straightforward. I just called ADC with the details of my appointment and they confirmed the booking by email shortly afterwards.
Mental Health Worker- Brighton
The interpreters I have are fantastic. They help me feel confident at appointments.
Deaf Patient - Brighton