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Action Deafness Community Support, Personal Care & Assistant Services provide specialist, personalised support to Deaf and Hard of Hearing people in their own homes and in the community.  We work with clients who need support all of the time and those that only need a few hours of support a day or a week.


Traditionally, care for Deaf people has been provided by people who have no understanding of deafness and are not able to use/understand British Sign Language (BSL).  Action Deafness Community does things differently.

Many of our Personal Care Support Workers/Assistants (PAs) are Deaf themselves, or are deaf aware, and all are fluent in British Sign Language (BSL), hands on signing and the deafblind manual alphabet.  This means that barriers to communication are minimised and our clients are better able to take control of their lives.

The services strives for excellence through continual improvement. We use the ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 2700 Information Security System to maximise client satisfaction and ensure that we store our clients’ information securely.


Personal Assistance – Our one to one support for clients promotes independence and confidence, and develops life and social skills.  The support includes:-

  • Access to news and information
  • Signposting to appropriate agencies
  • Access to education
  • Access to training
  • Access to volunteering opportunities
  • Leisure activities and socialising with friends

Personal Care – We provide help with washing, dressing, grooming, toileting and continence care. Discretion and professionalism are paramount in the delivery of our personal care services, and we approach our role with the utmost respect for our clients’ dignity, independence and personal pride. We have been registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) since 3rd March 2016.

Supporting Deaf Adults, Older People, Children and Young People:

Our AD services has expended geographically and we now support clients with a range of needs and communication requirements. We have recently added services to support children, young people and families. We currently work with:

  • Older Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deafened & Deafblind people
  • Deaf People with mental health issues
  • Deaf People with learning disabilities
  • Deaf People with terminal illnesses
  • Deaf People with physical disabilities
  • Deaf People with special needs
  • Deaf People with sensory disabilities
  • Deaf Children, young adults and their families


‘The careful selection of PAs, all professional & fluent In BSL, has significantly improved JB’s life and potential. He is much happier, more independent, looks to help others, survived his Mum’s death and has a clearer view of what to expect in life. It is a professional relationship based on trust with his PAs, he has improved self-esteem and they have respect for his dignity as a disabled person. AD has and is an essential component in JB’s life’ – Father of 19 year old BSL service user, Ashbourne.

‘My PAs gave me wonderful guidance – they are professional, and certainly understand what it’s like to be hard of hearing. That was something I had not experienced before – unfortunately it is uncommon these days to find someone with the right skills and who can empathise with me’ – 39 year old hard of hearing service user, Warwick.


To find out more please contact us on or call/text us on 07528 551162

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If you would like to make a referral to our service, please complete/submit our referral form which can be found below. A member of our team will contact you to follow up.

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Work With Us

A career in specialist Community Support, Personal Care and Assistant Services can be very rewarding. It can also offer you training, great experience and opportunities for promotion

Contact us to learn more about becoming a Personal Assistant or Personal Care Assistant for Action Deafness.

Care Quality Commission:

We have a joint venture partnership arrangement with Cambridgeshire Deaf Association to deliver personal care service for five clients living in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire.

Please follow the link below to the Care Quality Commission website which details their report findings from the first formal inspection that took place in September/October 2017. Also included is Action Deafness’s subsequent Action Plan detailing remedial action and implementation which followed the Inspection Report’s findings: :

Mhairi Simpson
Mhairi Simpson


We have tried several support workers for my son and they were not suitable. When I was introduced to AD Community I was mighty impressed by the compassion and professionalism shown by staff and manager and my son is now reaping the benefits of his independence – thank you!
Mother of Tom, 23 year old service user
I love working with personal assistant who understands me what I mean and what I want to do in my every day life.
Surdeep - a Deaf service user
AD Community is unique; they are not only involved in case conferences, presenting personal centred assessments but they help/advocate/empower service user to have their own say at meetings, that’s why I would recommend AD Community to anyone.
Maggie - Case Manager, Social & Adult Care Services
I am pleased that client is happy and settled and that says a lot to what AD Community does
Joan - Social Worker
I enjoy going to football matches with my Personal Assistant who communicates back in hand-signs makes me feel part of the atmosphere!
Wendy - a deafblind service user
AD Community is not cheap but they are not expensive either – suits me fine because they can communicate!
Deaf service user on Direct Payments Scheme
I feel I can cook and go for walk with confidence
Peter - a Deaf service user
Well done to all PA’s involved in this and all your hard work and perseverance I really appreciate them keeping service user calm and reassuring him. I know this has not been easy but this has hopefully paid off
Denise - Social Worker
AD support workers who works with me are fantastic and is very happy with AD Community
Alec - Service User
Adam (PA) is very brilliant because he has been taken me to visit Old Trafford Museum and stadium tour last week. I am really enjoyed it
Jason - Service User
Claire (PA) has worked extremely hard with service user, she is a fantastic worker!
Jane - Community Psychiatric Nurse (CPN)
You’re a star!!! Thank you so much for all your help for service user. She has been very difficult and you have been there for us to support her. I don’t know what I would have done without you!

Mandy - Social Worker
Leigh (PA) was fantastic in relaying information and calming service user down. His application was accepted and they were looking to get him into Salvation Army
Anthony - Housing Support Worker
Thank you once again for your effort getting PAs for the service users
Lisa - Dual Sensory Worker
We appreciate that you and your team are doing some really good work with the client and the difficulties that are incurred when supporting the client
Mandy - Social Worker