When we were approached by this lady’s daughter we were only too happy to help.  Her mother had seen our posters and thought ‘that’s so true, that’s so my life.’ She had become deaf through illness and although it has been difficult to hear in many situations she feels she manages well.

However, the lady’s daughter approached us to help create a birthday surprise for her mother, by transferring the image from one of our posters onto a t-shirt for her to wear.

Of course we agreed!

We didn’t hear anything for a while, then they sent us this photograph and an email saying “My mom loved the t-shirt! She said every time she goes out, for example, grocery shopping she wears her t-shirt to show people that she’s not stupid or dumb.  She just needs to see you when you talk or she can’t understand you, or she doesn’t know who is talking.”

We are so pleased that we were able to create the t-shirt as a one-off for this lady. We now have two very happy customers!

If you like the poster image, then do have a look at our website and see the rest of poster designs! You can buy them directly from the website.