Action Deafness Board and staff are proud to acknowledge their CEO, Craig Crowley on his recent Signature Lifetime Achievement Award!

This year Signature celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Signature Annual Awards in Newcastle-Gateshead and Craig was given prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award by Pip Tomson, ITV’s presenter, reporter and journalist.

In his speech Craig stated that he was humbled to receive this award and that he was particularly proud to be honoured in his native North-East!

Lindsay Foster, from Signature, commented “From his unique involvement with Deaflympics presidency, to all the extra work he has done within the Deaf sector, for years Craig has been inspiring people to create a brighter future.”

In his speech Craig also praised Action Deafness and highlighted AD’s Deaf-led ethos which he attributed as being pivotal for recent success.

Congratulations, Craig!