Press Release: 28th January 2019: Action Deafness is delighted to introduce its new Deaf children, young people & families provision for Community Support, Personal Care & Assistant services!

Families with Deaf children and young people who need Deaf-specific and specialised community support, personal care & assistant services are already benefiting from our new service at Action Deafness!

Deaf children and young people with additional needs can be referred to Action Deafness who will provide the most appropriate support, in a language of their choosing, in a timely and efficient way.

Craig Crowley, CEO Action Deafness says “This is a first for Action Deafness and a service for which a high demand already exists. As part of our AD Five Year strategy we are focusing on prevention and early intervention, providing the right support for Deaf children and young people is essential for them to achieve their hopes for the future.”

Mhairi Simpson, Community Business Manager says: “Our aim is to increase the confidence of Deaf children, Young People and Families through self-directed support. We can use our highly skilled staff to help develop the independence of Deaf children and young people. Importantly we provide this support in a language that they understand and we have a shared understanding of culture too.

Click on the video clip below to watch Mhairi Simpson explaining about the new service in BSL.

Action Deafness is a national Deaf led charitable company delivering Deaf-specific community support, personal care & assistant services and specialist communications interpreting.