BSL Signs for Pregnancy and Sexual Health Flipbook

BSL Signs for Pregnancy and Sexual Health Flipbook


The aim of this resource is to support healthcare professionals (nurses, GPs, midwives), school teachers, parents and community youth workers communicate more effectively with young deaf people, and to help foster better understanding about sexual health issues.

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This essential and educative resource is used by health care professionals (nurses, GPs, Midwives), school teachers and community youth workers across the UK. The flipbook (and its remarkable DVD companion), assists professionals from a plethora of backgrounds, when working with deaf people. Use the resource to learn how to communicate more effectively in BSL- it covers a range of essential vocabulary used within a healthcare environment, and contains the vital signs that help a deaf person foster a better understanding of sensitive sexual health issues.

The comprehensive resource addresses 9 topics, with an easily referenced colour key-General, greetings, people, places, body, feelings, illness, sexual issues and STIs.