Max and George Make New Friends (E-Book)

Max and George Make New Friends (E-Book)


Meet Max and his best monkey-friends George. Follow their story as they try to make new friends while those around them also earn a very important lesson.

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By Matthew Robins

Illustrated by David Fletcher

This is the first book written by Matthew Robins as is the beginning of a series of charming and funny tales about two friends, Max and George. These stories aim to deliver important messages that encourage children to think about their actions in a fun and entertaining way.

Meet the two new friends

Say hello to Max.

Max is a very special boy. You see, Max cannot hear anything as he was born deaf. However, being deaf is not what makes Max different or special. For Max is just a normal boy who wants to make friends, have fun playing and work hard at school. And just like a lot of boys and girls his age he struggles to make new friends, but then he meets his best monkey-friend George.

Now say hello to George.

George is a very special Monkey. Unlike Max, George is not deaf. However he can talk to deaf people using sign language. George is the best monkey-friend a young boy or girl could ask for. George knows exactly what you makes you happy and what makes you sad. Are you ready to make Max and George your new friends too?


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