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AD posters

Deaf awareness

Order your Deaf Awareness Posters today!

4 x A3 for £14.99 + VAT & P&P

AD books

Same spirit different team

The book explores the challenges and barriers faced by deaf sportspeople and how their specific needs can be met going forwards. Harrison debates whether deaf people should participate in the Paralympics and examines the current state of Deaf sport in the UK, offering recommendations on how future deaf athletes can be supported and encouraged to access high performance sport.

The Author
Stuart Harrison

£9.99 + P&P

AD u sign BSL flipbook

U sign BSL flipbook

U SIGN is an exciting new series of portable British Sign Language (BSL) communication resources from Action Deafness. Perfect for beginners or Level 1 learners who are looking for an easy-access learning resource!

£14.99 + P&P

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