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A Safe Deaf Space


Thursday 26th November 2.00pm – 3.30pm 

This interactive webinar is aimed at identifying and discussing the key housing and social care issues facing older deaf people, be it; 

Access to a sign language interpreter 

Access to a housing solution that is sensitive to the needs of deaf people

The ability to make informed choices about care needs

The stigma and discrimination associated with deafness

With its panel of leading influencers, this 90 minute webinar will look to determine a way forward with regard to the design and commissioning of housing and care services that are inclusive of the needs of older deaf people and which, therefore, promote increased wellbeing and longevity.  It will feature findings from Action Deafness’s all new and original research into the benefits of ExtraCare housing for older deaf people and will challenge all to rethink models of housing care for older deaf people 

Who Should Attend? 

Senior executives and managers in adult health and social care ++  Service designers and commissioners working in adult sensory care  ++ ExtraCare housing providers ++ Healthcare and housing investors ++ Housing planners ++ Academics ++ Social scientists ++ Representative Charitable Trust Funds & Foundations 

Access The webinar will be BSL interpreted and captioned throughout

Safe Deaf Space Panel.
Featuring our very own CEO, Craig Crowley, who will take part in the Webinar.
Ben Stephens
Steve Crump

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Action Deafness would like to thank Signapse who hove kindly translated our home page. Signapse are a team of Deaf and hearing people; entrepreneurs, engineers and researchers. They build artificial intelligence solutions for clients who want access to sign language translation and interpretation.