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Action Deafness obtains ISO 18841 Interpreting Services Certification for the first time!


After becoming one of the top-rated Specialist BSL & VRS Interpreting Services provider under both the NHS Shared Business Services and NEPO Framework list of approved providers, Deaf-led Charity Action Deafness achieves the certification for the new ISO standard: ISO 18841:2018 for Interpreting Services. 

This globally recognised quality standard confirms Action Deafness Communications Interpreting’s capabilities in executing clear and transparent processes and standards of quality in the way the organisation delivers services to its contractors, stakeholders and clients.

Action Deafness is very proud with this new ISO 18841 award as the organisation provides consistent, quality, safe, specialist and accessible interpreting services that meets the needs of Deaf, hard of hearing, deafened and deafblind people of all ages across the UK!

For details about Action Deafness’s Communications Interpreting please email: [email protected]

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Action Deafness would like to thank Signapse who hove kindly translated our home page. Signapse are a team of Deaf and hearing people; entrepreneurs, engineers and researchers. They build artificial intelligence solutions for clients who want access to sign language translation and interpretation.