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Meet our Patron – Markku Jokinen

Markku Jokinen


Over the last two weeks, Action Deafness, a leading Deaf-led Charity, has announced two new patrons, Deaf Actress Sophie Stone and Deaf Stand Up Comedian Rinkoo Barpaga. We are absolutely delighted to announce a third new Deaf Patron, Markku Jokinen, from Finland.

Markku is a leading advocate for human rights and for the recognition of Sign Languages in Europe and the World. Markku is currently the President of the European Union of the Deaf (EUD) and is the CEO of a Finnish Deaf Association. Markku previously held the post of President of the World Federation of Deaf People (WFD).

Action Deafness believes it is important for Deaf Patrons to represent the Deaf-led organisation as we want to see Deaf people involved at every level to ensure that our services genuinely meet the needs of our clients in the Deaf community.

Action Deafness has grown from local Deaf organisations in Leicester, Loughborough, Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Oxfordshire and now operates three fantastic flagship services (Communications Interpreting, Community & Care and Joint Ventures/Partnerships) across England.

Markku says of his appointment:

“I am deeply humbled to have been asked to become a Patron of such a dynamic Deaf-led charitable organisation! It’s values of diversity, equality and human rights are close to my heart. I have been impressed by AD’s strategic aspirations, so it is an honour to accept!”

Craig Crowley – CEO of Action Deafness – explained that it was right decision to appoint a third Deaf Patron:

“Like Rinkoo and Sophie, Markku has achieved so much in his life, an inspiration and an excellent role-model to many Deaf people. The world is getting smaller and Markku can bring international insight and new strategic approaches to help the organisation grow and better achieve its aims. Welcome aboard, Markku!”

Thank you for your support!

Action Deafness would like to thank Signapse who hove kindly translated our home page. Signapse are a team of Deaf and hearing people; entrepreneurs, engineers and researchers. They build artificial intelligence solutions for clients who want access to sign language translation and interpretation.