Here’s another of the many case studies coming from AD Community, highlighting how our PA support impacts on the lives of our service users.

Joan Galliford-Grier was referred to the AD Community service by her Places for People Tenancy Support worker, Mhairi in 2012. Despite already receiving support for her correspondence, Mhairi recognised that Joan was in need of peer support. She had recently lost her husband and as a result had lost interest in meeting with her small circle of friends. As a result of the referral Joan was successfully awarded 12 hours support per week through direct payments. Eventually this was increased to 18 hours per week. The support package hours were evenly spread across the week to enable Joan to engage in activities with her PA on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Joan’s comments:

“I had been lonely and isolated before AD Community began providing me with PA services. I had been suffering from depression as a result of my loneliness. I had no motivation to want to go anywhere or do anything. It was a difficult time. My lack of interest in doing anything made me increasingly more housebound. My daughter, an interpreter, tried to take me out but I just did not want to go anywhere. I felt very emotional around this time.

Since AD Community started working for me, my life has changed. My life was empty before, when Mhairi (Tenancy Support worker) became involved I started to see a new future. I started to see what the future could bring.

Life looks a lot brighter now. Especially with my current PA, Leigh. Before being with the service I never really laughed, but Leigh has helped me to laugh again. We have a good working relationship, bringing humour into my life. I like his light-hearted approach to the everyday tasks we do. I like his joking manner and friendly smile.

Being with AD Community has helped me to look forward to things now. The service has enabled me to go out shopping and go into town. I go to the garden centre cafe. I like going on trips and enjoy going out for meals – I particularly enjoy going out for meals the most!”

Laura Jeffers, AD Community PA’s comments:

“I began working with Joan in late 2012 by which time she was already in a routine set by her previous PA. She was beginning to develop a new social life. I enjoyed working with Joan and visiting the variety of places we discover together. She likes to try out different shop and cafes. I have supported Joan with visiting friends in Nuneaton, we’ve been to watch a Christmas play in Nottingham, (with a lovely meal afterwards), and I also support her in dealing with her correspondence, arranging any appointments with GP’s, hairdressers, etc. I very much enjoyed working with Joan and having the opportunity to enable her to meet up with her friends and rebuild her social life again.”

Joan’s life has been transformed. She had become isolated, lonely and depressed, but now she is more outgoing, loves visiting new places, and seeing family! If you know of anyone who is like Joan, and would benefit from PA support (or if you think ‘That’s me!’) please contact us and we can talk to you about it further.

Email: [email protected] or call/text: 07528551162.