Trustees Strategic Day!



Action Deafness Board of Trustee Directors and Senior Management Team enjoyed a successful day at Sport Park, Loughborough University on 15th July 2017.


We discussed our new five Year Strategic plan for 2023.


Trustee Directors in attendance were: Roland Hilton (Vice-Chair), Ben Stephens, Emma Allen, Alison Lewis and Karen Read (Joint Chair). Andy Palmer (Joint Chair) and Helen Foulkes were not present on the day.


SMT members: Jaz Mann (Head of Services), Nigel Cleaver (Head of Interpreting) and Craig Crowley (CEO). Jim Robertson (Finance Manager) was not present.


Scheduled phased arrangements are now in place for a written five Year Plan with objectives and measurable outcomes to be included.


As a result, exciting and challenging times are ahead!


Our Board and Management profiles are featured in the following link:


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