Having been inundated with goodwill wishes and queries about our move to Loughborough that it is the ideal opportunity to provide some short facts on our rationale for such a move and how our services still play a significant part in other areas where we currently operate:


  • AD has been growing slowly, surely, steadily and still developing new opportunities
  • Loughborough is the central focal point in the East Midlands for AD
  • New advances in video interpreting through our partnership with SignLive
  • AD Community Services are expanding further in other catchment areas
  • AD Leicester office remains operational especially for Deaf Awareness Training, and delivery of Equipment referrals
  • AD Communications Interpreting and Community support services remain in Leicester, Derby, Brighton and now Loughborough!


Lastly, AD continue to support its local Deaf and Hard of Hearing groups in Leicester and Loughborough as part of its charitable obligations.