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Learning The Deafblind Manual Alphabet

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The Deafblind manual is a form of communication – through touch and not sight or speech. Individual letter signs are used to spell out words and sentences.

The deafblind manual is used by people who have very little or no sight and hearing. People with deafblindness often experience greater accessibility barriers, particularly with accessing information but also communicating with other people. The deafblind manual is a way to break down some of these barriers.

The deafblind manual alphabet is based on the British Sign Language (BSL) fingerspelling alphabet. You may see some similarities between the deafblind alphabet and BSL, but some of the signs have been changed slightly to make them better for touch.

Below is the alphabet signs from the deafblind manual by Deafblind UK. Practise the signs and you’ll learn the alphabet in no time.

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